Practical information  

Where to stay

As the conference venue is located next to the underground stop “Sesto Marelli” (M1, red line), we recommend that you book your accommodation in proximity to any metro stop of any line (ATM website). Milan’s metropolitan network is highly functional and easy to navigate. Contactless payments can be used on the underground, or you can save by buying 1-day or 3-day travel tickets: find all the information on YesMilano. For those wishing to book your accommodation next to the Conference venue (walking distance), we may recommend B&B Hotel Milano Sesto Marelli.

Milan is a rather expensive city, so it is advisable to plan your visit in advance.

What to do

It’s never easy to grasp a city’s cultural, historical, and architectural beauty in just a few days, especially for such a multifaceted city as Milan, where history is inseparably intertwined with modernity. We recommend the following list of must-see attractions in Milan, prepared by the city’s Tourism Office.

The conference venue is located not far from Milan’s Nolo District. Two popular destinations that animate the city at night are the Navigli District and the Brera District, where one can enjoy a real aperitivo atmosphere, so typical of Milan. Please, mind that visits to some of the most popular attractions (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco “Last Supper”) must be booked several months in advance.

How to make your visit more sustainable

CLAVIER2023 offers a sustainability perspective, and we would like to maintain it in our practical recommendations, too. Milan aims at halving the cities’ emissions within a decade, as part of its C40 commitment of tackling climate crisis. To help us maintain our city sustainable, you may:

  • Use public transport;
  • Use rental bicycles or electric scooters;
  • Bring your reusable bottle: there are water fountains at the Conference venue as well as in the city;
  • Recycle your waste: you will find separate wastebins for plastic, paper, glass and other waste at the Conference venue and elsewhere in the city.